SYGNUS® is the world’s first integrated seal and electrical contact system for active implantable devices.

It is engineered to help large and small device OEMs accelerate the development process and dedicate valuable resources to therapy and function improvements, instead of component procurement and testing.

This innovative system combines proven electrical contact technology with pre-tested silicone seals, resulting in a densely-spaced connector “stack” that can accommodate leads with diameters ranging from 0.90mm to 3.20mm. The system’s contact element consists of a housing made from medical-grade MP35N® and a Platinum-Iridium or MP35N®
Bal Spring™ canted coil spring. The spring contact offers low insertion force, provides multi-point conductivity, and compensates for both misalignment and mating surface irregularities.

SYGNUS® precision-engineered implantable-grade silicone seals provide superior dielectric isolation for the prevention of signal leakage that can result in potential device malfunction. The combined stack exhibits excellent resistance to potential fatigue caused by multiple lead insertion cycles.

SYGNUS® is scalable and completely configurable – the number of contacts and seals in the system can be specified to support unique application and industry requirements, such as the IS-4 ISO Standard for cardiac health management devices. Regardless of configuration, the SYGNUS® system’s contact designs are subjected to comprehensive force testing, and its sealing components are packaged to “critical clean” standards.

• Incorporates same proven Bal Conn™ electrical contact technology used in more than 1 million of today’s IPGs
• Spring component’s inherent multi-point conductivity reduces risk of failure due to connection loss
• Combines electrical contacts with fluid & electrical isolation components
• Eliminates need for dual sourcing and/or internal component development
• Offers smallest pitch in the industry
(approximately 2mm)
• Provides opportunity for greater connector
density, resulting in more device functionality
• Provides options for standard sizes in variable stack arrays
• Gives OEMs a basic technology platform for a wide range of size and design options

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